Why should I choose a scooter / motorcycle from ScooterNation?

We have no hidden extras and our bikes are truly 'Ready-To-Go' unlike our internet competitors - our bikes are actually assembled and tested before delivery, have comprehensive warranties, have the support of huge UK suppliers, and are taxed and registered with rear License plate and L-Plate fitted.


You can visit Oak Motorcycles HQ anytime (unlike our Competitors), see our huge service area and showroom, and outside test-track. 


We even run a Racing Division, and one of the UK's largest motorcycle Training Centres, with uniquely its own Motorcycle Club - our aim is to get more folks into scooters & motorcycles. Check out the 'About Us' section of this site.


Should I choose a 50cc or 125cc petrol scooter?

50cc – 50cc scooters are restricted to 30 miles per hour. This is ideal for short journeys, nipping around town, getting into central London or around major urban areas. The minimum age requirement is 16.


125cc - If you’re an advanced rider or need to go on roads above 30mph and for longer journeys, a 125cc scooter or motorcycle is more suitable. They are not restricted and can reach 60 mph. You need to be 17 to ride one.


Two stroke or four stroke engine?

All our scooters are supplied with four stroke engines unless otherwise advertised. With four stroke machines you can use unleaded petrol, have better fuel economy and lower overall emission levels. Two stroke engines mix oil and petrol before use, and are often sought after because they can rev higher than four stroke engines. However, four stroke engines are low maintenance, less stressed, low noise and highly efficient.


How much will a scooter cost to run?

A typical scooter consumes between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey (SMART guide, MCIA 2002). A 125cc machine will typically cost under 10 pence per mile to run.


What does de-restriction mean?

A 50cc scooter comes from the factory restricted to 30 mph. If you are 17 or over with a full bike licence / CBT test, you can have the scooter de-restricted. The restrictors on the scooter are taken out; the scooter is no longer classed as a moped. It will usually go 10 - 20mph faster. Please note derestriction will void your warranty and you will need to inform relevant Authorities and insurance parties of any such modifications.


Where can I get parts?

We carry all parts in constant stock. You can order them over the phone or visit Lexmoto's own on-line store.


Are your scooters manufactured in the U.K. ?

We are an established UK Company, and unlike our internet competitors, we have a HQ in the Wirral, Cheshire, where we welcome our customers to visit anytime. 


All our bikes are supplied by the UK's largest supplier of low-cost mopeds, scooters and 125cc motorcycles Llexeter (based near Plymouth).  This supplier provides a UK warranty for parts. All Lexmoto scooters & motorcycles are manufactured in modern Chinese factories using the latest computer controlled robotic machines, under the strictest quality standards. Take a look at where your expensive iPhone or the costly Yamaha YBR 125cc, or the French Peugeot Scooters are assembled these days - all in China. People think Honda scooters are made in Japan most are built in Taiwan or China, and the Honda CBF is made in Malaysia. Piaggio and Aprilia scooters are made in the same Chinese factories as the Lexmoto models. The Lexmoto ZSF is the same model built in the same factory as the Yamaha YBR 125c. All Royal Enfields are built in India, and Triumphs built in Malaysia. Lexmoto is now the UK's fastest growing bike brand and in 2016 was 1st for 125cc registrations in the UK against all other manufacturers including Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki as reported independently by the DVLA, with in excess of 10,000 new vehicle registrations.


How can I pay for my scooter?

You can pay by calling us on 0151-327-8187 and we accept all major debit & credit cards (subject to a 2% surcharge on credit charge transactions only), cheques, postal orders or bank transfer. Call for Info. Customers often ask to leave deposits on mopeds, scooters or motorbikes and we do not under normal circumstances accept deposits. However, in rare occassions dealing with customer requests, if it is agreed a deposit will be taken to hold a particular make and model for a customer, it is understood that the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit is then buying the administration service of withdrawing the vehicle from sale and ensuring it is re-inserted in our stock depository.


How long does delivery of my scooter take?

Delivery depends upon make and model of scooter or bike. We aim to deliver within 5 to 14 working days - remember our bikes are truly fully assembled and registered and taxed. However, as we generally provide a free delivery service, the waiting time can be longer as we reserve the right to fit the scooter or bike into our nearest schedule for your area. In addition, during busy periods or on high-demand models delivery can take up to 21 days. Remember these are DVLA registered vehicles, requiring full PDI and road-tests, not a bicycle purchase from Halfords. Call if unsure. We endeavour to provide free delivery within 60 miles of our HQ at CH62 0BY, but as the scooters and bikes are so low cost there are limits, so if you live in rural or coastal areas you must call first to confirm if a delivery surplus-charge is applicable. We also reserve the right to refuse to accept an order made via PayPal if the distance is too great for free delivery and the customer when contacted refuses to pay the delivery surplus. Our bikes come with the License plate installed and the rear L-Plate. We don't fit a front L-Plate as most customers like to choose where they fit their own due to the many differing styles of vehicle in the ranges. You only have to ride it ! Other internet providers require you to register your new bike, don't have warranty support and some even require you to complete its import details with the DVLA/HMRC - always read the small print!


How do I know when my scooter is being delivered?

Our delivery driver will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a suitable day and we keep you informed via comprehensive email updates.


Do your prices include VAT?

All our prices are fully inclusive of VAT.


What are your Delivery charges? *When does FREE Delivery apply?

We aim to provide FREE Delivery within 60 miles of our HQ at CH41 4JN (i.e. 120 mile round trip). However, due to the low dealer margin we can not deliver free to extreme distances from our Wirral HQ, which are not served by major motorway access, such as coastal locations, remote rural locations etc. We always recemmond you call for details and confirm if FREE Delivery is applicable with your order.


Delivery to locations such as Scotland or Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of White etc, can be arranged but will be with a third party courier. The customer will be quoted the cost of the third party transport and be required to complete payment prior to delivery plus a 3% admin fee on the cost of the transportation.

Can I collect my scooter?

Unlike other on-line retailers of bikes, at Scooter-Nation we welcome all our customers to visit our HQ, meet the staff and grab a free Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate. We are more than happy to demonstrate the bikes in person, and even have a private car-park where customers can run the bikes before departure.


Do I need to carry out any tests on my scooter?

Unlike other on-line retailers of bikes, your scooter or motocycle is supplied fully compliant with all UK DVLA Legislation, Full Road Tax & Full Registration complete. You have NO forms to complete to get your bike on the road, and no hassle with HMRC - our bikes are all Ready-To-Go!!!! As your bike is brand new, it will not need an MOT for 3 years, the same as for motorcars. 


Do your scooters come with warranty?

All our scooters and motorcycles come supported by Manufacturer's Warranty. All Lexmoto scooters & motorcycles come with a Lexmoto 24 month parts only warranty. To maintain that warranty the customer must agree to abide by Lexmoto's service schedule which requires in the first 12 months that the first service is completed within 6 weeks of purchase or 500km (which ever comes first - 'running-in' period), the 2nd service completed within 4 months of purchase or 1500km (which ever comes first) and the 3rd service completed within 8 months of purchase or 4000km etc for 125cc vehicles. Under the Lexmoto warranty the customer may use any VAT registered motorcycle garage & mechanic and all services must be paid for - they are not free nor included in the low price of the scooter/motorcycle. They must have their service record stamped and be provided with a dated and stamped Invoice (with VAT reg. details) by the garage. They must pay all labour charges, but parts which fail due to manufacturing fault will be replaced for free provided the customer satisfies Lexmoto that all necessary services in the first 24 months have been completed as detailed above. In addition to that warranty, Scooter-Nation provides a 5 Year, for period of ownership by the original customer, for full parts & labour warranty subject to the scooter or motorcycle being maintained from date of purchase by Scooter-Nation, and returned to Scooter-Nation, at the customers expense, for all scheduled services. Under both warranties, the customer is responsible for any transportation of the vehicle to Scooter-Nation or nominated garage. The warranties do not provide for any financial compensation for loss of earnings or use of alternative transportation should a scooter or motorcycle require repairs or servicing. All scooters and motorcycles are delivered in perfect working condition and customers will sign an acceptance document stating they have been shown the various features of the vehicle and they work, the handover is recorded by Scooter-Nation on camera, and that they have been instructed on the warranty and basic vehicle condition & safety checks.


Scooter-Nation has the right to repair the vehicle under the terms of the Warranty. However, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner, not Scooter-Nation, to return the vehicle for review to Scooter-Nation's HQ. Scooter-Nation does not collect or recover vehicles for free. Scooter-Nation will not accept any responsibility and all warranties will be void should a vehicle owner employ any other garage or mechanic to review, report on, or repair the vehicle under the Scooter-Nation warranty. Scooter-Nation is under no obligation to repair any vehicle that the customer has failed to service in line with warranty requirements specific to the vehicle. In such rare cases Scooter-Nation will recommend alternate vehicle engineers to review any vehicle that has not been maintained and serviced in line with the warranty terms and conditions provided either by Lexmoto or Scooter-Nation.


Do I have to pay for my scooter or motorcycle services?

Yes. We do not provide free servicing or maintenance. These vehicles are low cost, brought to you with low margins. Certain well known large bicycle retailers charge more for a service on a bicycle than we do for a scooter. We offer fixed price services - ask in store for details.


Can I store a helmet in the scooter?

Yes you can store most open face helmets under the seat (exept the Lexmoto Milano model) – the storage on all our motor scooters is lockable. Always buy the best helmet your budget allows. Full Face and Flip helmets can not be stored under the seat. We recommend lockable back-boxes of 32 L capacity, which we can supply seperately and specifically for the make and model of your bike.


How do I keep my scooter safe?

To ensure the safety of your scooter always lock it to an immovable object whether at home or when out. Consider security tagging your scooter and fitting an alarm or immobiliser.


What kind of lock do I need?

Disc locks secure onto the front or rear brake disc making it impossible to ride the scooter. However, if you forget to unlock it, you may damage your scooter when you try to ride off.


Chain locks come in different strengths and sizes. They can be used around a wheel to secure your scooter to an immovable object and prevent it being lifted. We recommend the integrated Oxford Lock, which we can supply at £24.99 each. Each scooter and motorcycle comes with a FREE disc-lock.


What about insurance?

You need at least third party insurance to ride a motor scooter and it is your responsibility to take out cover:

  • Third Party is the cheapest as you’re only covered for injuries or damage you do to others or their property.

  • Fire and Theft covers your scooter being set on fire or stolen (and gives cover for third parties).

  • Fully Comprehensive is the most expensive option but covers repairs to your scooter after an accident even if no other parties were involved.


Where can I insure my scooter?

We recommend Scoot Scoot Insurance, the UK's No.1 Scooter Comparison Site - click here www.scooterinsurance.co.uk or Telephone: 07753-612907 and Lexham Insurance


Do I need to assemble my scooter?

Unlike other on-line retailers of bikes, our bikes are FULLY assembled and pre-tested. With our bikes, you DO NOT have to attach your mirrors or connect your battery! We even supply a 2L of petrol!!


How do I register my scooter / motorcycle?

You don't - all our bikes are supplied with full DVLA registration complete. Call for details.


How do I get my number plate number?

When we register your bike, we also make and fit the license plate as part of the PDI.


Do I need to tax my scooter?

When we register your bike, we also Tax it for you.


Do I need to service my scooter?

Yes, for continued use and safety regular servicing is required by an approved service centre. Service periods are due at distance travelled or time period of ownership, whichever is sooner; 500km / 6 weeks of ownership for first service, 1500km / 4 months of ownership for second service, 2500km / 8 months of ownership for third service etc. (Subject to change according to different manufacturers service intervals - details will be supplied with each bike).


Where can I service my scooter?

Scooter-Nation has over 200 partner approved service centres throughout the UK supporting the Llexeter/Lexmoto 12 month warranty as part of the established Lexmoto Dealer network. Details of your local approved service centre are supplied to existing customers upon request. For the Scooter-Nation life-time warranty the vehicle must be returned to Scooter-Nation by the customer for servicing and repair, with no exceptions.


Do I need to take a test to drive a scooter?

50cc – You don’t need to take any further tests if you have a full UK driving licence taken before 1st February 2001. Otherwise you will need to take a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) test and a minimum of a provisional UK licence.


125cc – Yes, you will need to take a CBT test at your local CBT test centre and a minimum of a provisional UK licence.


What is the CBT?

The CBT is a full day's training with an instructor. It teaches important safety theory and riding skills. It includes practicing manoeuvres on site, learning about road craft, road conditions and hazards, and going onto the road with the instructor advising by radio link.


You need to obtain a UK provisional driving licence before taking the CBT course, if you don’t already have a full one. After successfully completing it, you’ll receive a certificate valid for two years. You’ll then need to retake your CBT and/or take a full motorcycle test.


What are the age/driving licence restrictions?

50cc – You need to be at least 16 to drive a 50cc scooter and have a provisional UK licence. Once you’ve taken your CBT, you can ride a 50cc scooter with ‘L’ plates. You can't take passengers or ride on motorways until you have a full UK motorcycle licence.


If you have a full UK driving licence taken before Feb 2001 no further tests are needed. Holders of a full UK driving licence also do not need to have 'L' plates.


125cc – you need to be at least 17. You need a provisional or full UK driving licence and a CBT. You can then ride with ‘L’ plates until you obtain your full UK motorcycle licence. You can’t take passengers or drive on motorways until you have your full UK motorcycle licence.


For more details, visit our sister website for motorcycle training: www.geton2wheels.co.uk


Where can I park?

You can park in a designated bike park, on private property (if you have permission), in a car park with space set aside for bikes and on a public road, subject to the same rules and restrictions as cars. You can not park on the pavement or in bus lanes.


Bike parks are usually free, as are some residents' and Pay & Display bays.


Check out where to park at www.parkingforbikes.com and www.londonbikeandscooter.co.uk


Can I ride in bus lanes?

You may only ride in a bus lane during the times displayed on the signs.


Do I need to wear a helmet and protective clothing?

UK Law requires that a protective EU Approved Standard Motorcycle Helmet must be worn. We highly recommend that protective clothing is also worn to ensure your safety.


Will I need to pay the Toll Charge in the Mersey Tunnels?



Will I need to pay the Congestion Charge in London?