EURO 4 now applies to all 50cc Mopeds imported to UK from Jan 1st 2018


Entering 2018, the main new addition to the UK bike market is the introduction of EURO 4 regulations now to all 50cc mopeds. This will see an increase in base prices as the additional technology of cleaner emissions is added.

Stunning New Neco AleXone EFi 125cc


launched in October 2017 @ Scooter-Nation


This fantastic large double seat EURO 4 full spec Commuter Scooter is breaking all the rules with its super low price - Based on a Yamaha design, now built under license by Neco (A Belgium Company) this quality scooter is hands down half the price of its nearest competitors!!!!


Available in 3 stunning colour options, this large scooter will not be missed on the street, providing you with additional visual presence for added safety!


Scooter of the Month - AleXone EFi 125cc


EURO 4 EFi Scooters & Motorbikes ?


From the 1st January 2017, any new scooter or motorcycle of 125cc or above imported into the UK must be EURO 4 compliant.


What is EURO 4 ?


Firstly, any 125cc scooter or motorbike from between 2009 to 2016 running with a Carburettor to fuel the engine will be a EURO 3 model. These are still legal to buy new during 2017 provided they are either pre-registered by the brand supplier or the Dealership or they have been 'derogated'. Derogated vehicles can be registered in 2017 by the Dealership.


EURO 4 vehicle will come with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFi), Combined Braking (a type of ABS) and Engine Management System (EMS).



2018 AutoTrader Announces its 'Best Bike of 2017' was the Lexmoto Echo 50cc moped


AutoTrader, the UK's largest on-line trading platform for vehicle sales has just announced its best performing vehicle models for sales throughout 2017.


Leading the field in bike sales last year, under the Best Automatic Moped category the super efficient and low-cost Lexmoto Echo 50cc moped came top of the list !


Sales were up due to its ultra low-cost in year which saw the introduction of the EURO 4 to all 125cc vehicles and the subsequent price increases due to the added emissions technologies being added.



Stunning New Lexmoto Hawk EFi 125cc


launched in June 2017 


Once again Lexmoto pulls out all the stops and launches the fantastic new Lexmoto Hawk sports 125cc motorcycle


Below half the price of the comparative Yamaha YZFR 125cc and forthcoming Suzuki GSXR 125cc the Hawk is stunning in its build quality, its proven Delphi EFI system and safe Combined Braking System - now just £2099 on the road - hurry whilst stocks last!

Bike of the Month - Hawk EFi 125cc

Lexmoto Dominate UK

Market in 2016

Last Year was an awesome year for Lexmoto Motorcycles, one of our major suppliers. Lexmoto OUT SOLD every other major brand sold in the UK.


Over 10,000 Lexmoto scooters and motorcycles (125cc) were sold & registered (figures provided by the DVLA) - 10,000 Customers can't be wrong.


There will always be 'keyboard warriors' slating chinese bikes, but these are the same people who never look after their vehicle properly and don't understand that bikes like the Yamaha YBR 125cc have been made in China since 2010, indeed in the same factory that produces Lexmoto !